Hope, for we do not always see

Hope, for Jesus has come

Hope, for God is merciful

Hope, for God has spoken

Hope, for God's Spirit moves

Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ

God is rescuing a world gone wrong. The Bible is a record of this story which culminates in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ever since, God has been drawing persons to Himself through the work of the Holy Spirit, the gift of His presence in the world today. We are one family of faith that is part of God’s church worldwide who point to the centrality of Jesus, community and reconciliation.

Jesus is the center of our faith

We begin our walk of faith as we decide to give Jesus His rightful place in our hearts and personally trust in what He accomplished on our behalf. Beyond this initial step we decide again and again to follow Jesus in daily life. We seek to interpret the Bible from a Christ-centered point of view. We read God’s written revelation knowing Christ as God’s fullest self-revelation

Community is the center of our lives

Jesus said, “Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.” As we follow our Lord Jesus we join a new faith family. This family is concretely expressed as believers gather. We need one another to be the body of Christ today: seeing and practicing forgiveness and accountability; reading and interpreting scripture; worshipping, praying, laughing, crying together

Reconciliation is the center of our work

We must never forget what we are saved for: to bring others to know and love God and to know and love one another. This is a call to cooperate with God’s Spirit as instruments of His peace. We do not need to give in to hatred, despair or darkness. Rather we declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light.

The Church is not the building…..Pastor Lehman is inviting all to meet online for Church.

Currently Scheduled Zoom Meetings Include:

Meeting: Adult Sunday School/Bible Study – Date & Time: Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Meeting: Sunday Worship Service – Date & Time: Every Sunday at 10:00 AM

Request Meeting Link and Conection Information HERE

From Our Pastor,

We are meeting in person in our building for worship on designated Sundays – see calendar below (as well as on Zoom.)   Some measures we are taking for this time together:

Corona Time Safe Indoor Meeting Measures for Williamsburg Mennonite Church

  1. Worship in music and song will be done in ways other than congregational singing
  2. Seating will accommodate 6’ spacing between family units
  3. No one in attendance having symptoms, fever, a positive Covid test within 10 days, or exposure within 14 days
  4. Mask wearing is required
  5. Thorough facility cleanings will happen before meetings
  6. Ushers will seat and dismiss us bench by bench
  7. Inside foyer doors will be propped open and there will be a door duty person at the exterior doors
  8. Sanitation stations will be set up for hand cleaning
  9. Informal visiting should occur outside before entry or outside after dismissal
  10. We will start worship at 10:00 AM and the HVAC system fan will be running 1 hour prior and for the duration of our gathering to take advantage of the ultraviolet light filters that have been installed (one per unit throughout our building.)


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