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Our Vision… 

By the grace of God we are striving for daily discipleship to Jesus in a community on shared mission.

Our Mission…

To listen to and walk with those in our broader community where they are, seeking to enter together more fully into the life of Christ.


Recent Sermons

Some what-to-expect questions may be… 

What to wear?

  We have no dress code, but modesty is valued.  One might see a suit and tie as well as jeans and combinations in between.

When to arrive?

  Not being a large church it is easy to find parking and a place in our auditorium to worship.  We don’t have assigned seating.  Between our Christian Education hour (9:30 – 10:25) and the beginning of worship (10:45 – 12:00) there is time to meet and greet others around coffee and a light snack.

Will I have to introduce myself?

  Guests are not put on the spot, but we want to greet you informally either before or after our worship.  Our pastor appreciates the opportunity to follow up with you so “Let’s Get Acquainted” cards are available to record brief contact information.


What if I’m not used to church, singing, or the Bible?

  Church programs or bulletins are available as you enter which give the order of the service for that morning.  There are Bibles in the bench racks for you to use as you wish.  Our singing is from the Hymnal or worship songs projected on a screen.  We enjoy singing to our Lord and want to sing from our hearts no matter what the sound.


What about kids?

  Our nursery is adjacent to the auditorium for the quite young. 

What if I’ve never heard of “Mennonite” before?

  We are open to all who know Jesus or want to know Jesus and follow Him in daily life.