June 25, 2017


Passage: Romans 16:17-27
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Our series “Received Righteousness” following the book of Romans concludes this Sunday.  In chapter 16 Paul mentions 35 or so coworkers by name.  These are the builders of God’s church.  We often forget that Paul and the Twelve Apostles did not build the church alone.  Many of these listed were not leaders but simply served in quiet ways for their (and our) Master.  That is how God’s church is built today too…  each one doing his or her part.

And Paul also describes those out to destroy the church.   These are people who are serving themselves and their own appetites rather than serving Christ.  There are as many (if not more) threats that come from within the church as come from outside.  Divisive self-absorbed teaching can destroy.  May we be alert and on the watch and not complacent and naïve.  Yet ultimately behind these visible dangers is the unseen enemy, Satan.  Paul reassured the church in Rome “the God of peace will quickly crush Satan under your feet” (v. 20).  So every step of their obedience (however small) to Christ contributed to Satan’s ultimate defeat.  Today God uses His church to continue what has been set in motion by Jesus, the serpent crusher.  Each new step of faith and act of obedience is another blow which is shattering Satan and his kingdom.  To God be the glory.




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