May 3, 2020


Passage: Revelation 11:15-19
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We are continuing the series:  Revelation – Jesus, the Overcomer.  After the first cycle of end-time judgments (The Seven Seals) comes the second cycle, the Seven Trumpets.  These seven judgments are bracketed by offered prayers (8:1-5) and a hymn of praise (11:15-19).  These prayers offered on the altar of God are the first things referenced as the now unsealed scroll is opened.  Prayer must play a huge part in the plans and purposes of God.  Finally, though the trumpets cycle of judgments are brutal, even revolting it concludes with the hymn:  The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ (11:15).  Revelation says, evil will judged and evil has been defeated.



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