March 10, 2019


Passage: Hebrews 7:11-28
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“Unsurpassed – Savior and Lord” is our current sermon series which looks into the book of Hebrews.  Our hope is that in our looking we are seeing more and more into the mind of God.  For it is solid food that we want and not mere spiritual milk.  This passage makes plain that the new order was already in God’s mind even as the old order was just forming.  Jesus is our great high priest of the new order which replaces the Levitical priesthood of the old.  Centuries before Levi, the priest-king Melchizedek met Abraham.  This priest of God who blessed Abraham serves as an example of the coming permanent priesthood of Christ.  Jesus is exactly what we need.  As Selwyn Hughes writes:  What need is there of candles when the sun comes out?


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