December 27, 2015


Passage: Luke 2:41-52
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This is the last of our Advent/Christmas series.  In  Luke 2:52 we have:  And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.  This verse mirrors I Samuel 2:26.  Luke had Samuel in mind as he described Jesus’ growing up years.  Much can be learned by comparing these to “boys” as they grew up in the faith.  Though it is not said that Mary made Jesus a new robe or tunic each year as Hannah did for Samuel, Jesus was raised by his parents and had to learn and grow as Samuel did (or any child for that matter.)  These accounts (Old and New) point to God’s will for all his children.  That we grow.  Are some of us wearing the same tunic year after year.  It is God’s way for us to grow and develop in faith and in other ways too.  Put another way, may we not be content with the tunics we now wear, but put on new, bigger robes of learning as we grow in favor with God and people.


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