May 10, 2020


Passage: Genesis 1:26-31
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On this Mother’s Day we are highlighting the importance and place of motherhood.  There are many confusing signals that fly about concerning the place of motherhood in our society today.  Is it something to escape from, erase or ignore?  Hardly… it is a gift and calling to be embraced.  The maternal nature comes from being made in God’s image.  God is a mothering God (Ruth 2:11-12).  Not all women become mothers, but those who do step into a high calling.  May they be supported and blessed in it.


PLEASE NOTE.....Our Zoom Meeting was interrupted approximately 10 minutes into the sermon message. Pastor David unaware of this continued to speak and the Meeting was reconnected shortly thereafter.....there is an approximate 1 minute gap in the message for which we apologize.


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