March 21, 2021


Passage: 2 Samuel 1:17-27
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We continue with the series, “Looking for the True King – 1, 2 Samuel.”  Saul remains King of Israel even as David has been anointed King-in-waiting. Much time passes during this “having two kings” season (approx. 10 years?).  It could be called “David’s rise and Saul’s fall.”  One difference between the two is that Saul consistently tried to take matters into his own hands, while David did not.  Saul was consumed with his imaginary enemy in David and could hardly do his real job because his jealousy and paranoia led him to distraction.  David’s feet of clay definitely show thru out these years but he also displays an amazing patience in his path to Israel’s throne.  Do we allow God to work in His time and way in our lives?  Or do we feel we need to make things happen in our own time and in our own way.


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