November 17, 2019


Passage: Matthew 25:1-13
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As we continue the series on the parables of Jesus our focus turns to the Parable of the ten Bridesmaids.  Matthew 25:5 mentions that the bridegroom was delayed in coming.  Indeed, Jesus has promised to return but has not yet.  Last week as we looked into the parables of The Persistent Widow and The Pharisee and Tax Collector we were challenged with how to pray in the delay.  This week’s parable challenges us with how to live in the delay.  Are we prepared for His return as the five wise bridesmaids were?  Or are we unprepared for Jesus’ return as the five foolish bridesmaids?  May this parable do the work that God intends as we take the time to honestly examine our hearts and lives.  Do I actually know Jesus?  Do I actually possess what I profess?


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