March 20, 2016


Passage: John 15:1-8
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This is the last of our series focusing on the “I Am” sayings of Jesus.  “I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener” and “I am the vine, you are the branches.”  God does not intend us to walk the walk of faith alone.  The Old Testament people of God were often referred to as a vine.  Psalm 80:8 is one example.  In being the true vine Jesus embodies true covenant faithfulness… something Israel as a nation failed to do.  We often think of abiding in Jesus the vine as individual practices of Bible reading, prayer, resisting temptation or depending on Him in a moment by moment kind of way…  things that we can do by ourselves apart from other believers.  These things are good but we should not miss the fact that abiding in Jesus also means being a member of His people.  And that the life of Christ often comes to us through other abiding believers.


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