April 10, 2016


Passage: Romans 12:1-2
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This will be the second in a series of seven messages “Created to be related.”

The topics include:

  • On Being Rightly Related
  • On Being Sexual
  • On Being Single
  • On Being Married
  • On Being a Parent
  • On Being Broken
  • On Being His

Too often sexuality is treated as a taboo topic.  Scripture, however, has plenty to say about sex for it is part of how God created us to be.  The Bible doesn’t teach us to think of ourselves as divided into body (evil) and spirit (good).  God made us as whole living beings (mind, body, soul, spirit) and call his creation very good.  God’s gift of sex and sexuality is, however, sadly abused.  We do this when we separate our sexuality and spirituality.  Or when we separate sex and covenant.


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