April 23, 2017


Passage: Matthew 28:11-20
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We left last week’s worship service with the proclamation:  The Lord is risen…  He is risen indeed!  But Matthew makes plain that there are two responses to Jesus’ resurrection:  belief and doubt.  There are two groups who left the empty tomb to go and tell.  One was the women and the other was some of the Roman guard.  Two different stories emerge from the events of the first Easter.  One of belief that Jesus rose and the other explains it away.  Matthew ends with Jesus commissioning his disciples to make new disciples.  A lot depended on their follow through.  It is sobering to think how the world would be so different today if those original disciples would have all doubted and walked away.  Is it any different for us today?  Are we picking up the call to make disciples?  Which resurrection story does my life proclaim?


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