December 27, 2020


Passage: Luke 2:22-40
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On this Sunday we conclude our series, “On the road…”  As Mary and her plans were interrupted by Gabriel’s announcement to her (Luke 1) so Mary and family were interrupted again.  Not by the Angel of God this time but by two elderly folk in the Temple.  Anticlimactic?  Not really, when you consider the weight that God’s message carries no matter who the messenger is.  This time God speaks thru two devout followers of His, Simeon and Anna.  What were Mary and Joseph told about their special child?  1) That He is Messiah for all (vv 29-32)  and  2) That He is Messiah with a cost (vv 34-35).  It is to this Messiah that all people will respond someday.  “He will cause the rising and falling of many…”  Simeon and Anna are our example.  Their’s is the costly response… whole-hearted devotion to Him.  Nothing less will do.


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