October 1, 2017


Passage: Job 1:1-12
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This message is the third in the series of three sermons, Three more teachers:  Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job.  The first teacher presents the case:  Live by God’s wisdom and you will be blessed.  Ignore wisdom at your own peril.  The second teacher, Ecclesiastes, comes along and says… Wait just a minute.  The wise are not always rewarded and the fool chastened.  There are times when the wise and the foolish share the same fate.  At times life is difficult, unclear, defying neat explanation.  Job, our third teacher, helps us answer the basic questions that we are yet left with:  Can we trust God after all?  Is God all powerful or not? … Sovereign?  Just?  Good?   For Job… whoever God is, He is absolutely good and trustworthy.


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