February 19, 2023


Passage: James 5:7-20


Focus: As we conclude our series on the Book of James, we’ll dive into this letter’s significance in the overall biblical story and consider how it relates to our contemporary world. We’ll also see his final push for us to live Christ-like lives.

Sermon Outline:

James 5:7-20: Rooted in Hope, Shaped by the Cross

James in the New Testament

The Gospels à History à The Pauline Letters à The General Epistles à Prophecy

The General Epistles address _____ (a later /an earlier) audience struggling with doctrine and finding hope in Christ’s “delayed” return.

James 5:7-11

Their hopelessness explains their _____ (moral regressions/hunger).

Christ’s return is our message of _____ (hope/despair).

James 5:7-11 ~ 1 Peter 1:13

James’ audience is _____ (judging/praising) each other because of their hopelessness and impatience relative to Christ’s return.

James 4 says judging _____ (distances us from/strengthens our connection to) Christ and His law.

God will fulfill His promises because He _____ (is compassionate and merciful/filled with anger).

James 5:12-18

Taking oaths is _____ (an improper/a proper) way to use God’s name because we could potentially involve God’s name in a lie.

Praying is _____ (an improper/a proper) way to use God’s name because we could use God’s name to uplift and support others.

Effective prayer is offered _____ (“in faith”/“in my name”) and with _____ (selfish motives/selfless motives).

Effective prayer is _____ (single-minded/double-minded).

James 5:19-20

These final verses stress the value of _____ (Christ-like/bad) works.

James 5:19-20 ~ 1 Peter 4:8, 1 John 2:6

James uses the cross to shape our _____ (egos/works).

Our actions have the potential to “cover a multitude of sins,” meaning our works_____ (can be used by God to help save others/can’t be used by God to help save others).


James reminds us of the importance of _____ (isolation/community).

_____ (judging/a lack of judging) halts Christ-like community from developing.

The Parable of the Lost Sheep in Matthew 18

Our deeds are another form of _____ (evangelism/charity).

Someone’s hopelessness results in hopeless behavior; should we judge someone for such behavior or guide them to the hope found in God’s kingdom?


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