April 17, 2016


Passage: 1 Corinthians 7:29-40
Service Type:


Gist:  This will be the third in a series of seven messages “Created to be related.”

The topics include:
  • On Being Rightly Related
  • On Being Sexual
  • On Being Single
  • On Being Married
  • On Being a Parent
  • On Being Broken
  • On Being His

As important as marriage is to the flourishing of the church and society in general it can be elevated at the expense of God’s call to singleness.  Living as a single person is as much a gift from God as living as married.  While God enables both lifestyles, we as a church have often viewed living as single as temporary or as being in waiting … until.  However, being single can be a calling in and of itself.  Single people can live lives full of God’s blessing, meaningful relationships and intimacy.

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