May 14, 2017


Passage: Romans 12:9-21
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Our series “Received Righteousness” following the book of Romans continues.  We enter into the second “half” of Romans with chapter 12.  It begins with the beautiful phrase: in view of God’s mercy…  The previous chapters have made clear the core message of the gospel.  God’s mercy has been put on full display.  Now the emphasis shifts to our response.  In view of God’s mercy how shall we then live?  In tone, this passage is imperative and challenging.  It is quite the list of behaviors that we are told to practice.  As we read thru we often mentally grade our performance on each verse.  Keeping all these rules of life can feel like a heavy, heavy burden.  But we must remember chapters 1-11 describe a righteousness that has nothing to do with moral performance.  Chapter 12 is not about moral performance either.  It is not a list of arbitrary rules. Instead it describes some of what Jesus meant we He said:  I have come that they may have life and have it to the full (John 10:10.)  God wants us to flourish.  He invites us to participate with Him in the kingdom He is bringing.  These verses tell us how we can do that… particularly in how we relate to both friends and enemies.


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