August 28, 2016


Passage: Luke 19:11-27
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After looking into interactions Jesus had with persons (rich ruler and Zacchaeus) the focus switches back once again to a parable… Parable of the Ten Minas.  In Luke this is Jesus’ last teaching opportunity before he enters Jerusalem and his final week before his death.  There were likely many things that needed to be said but Jesus chose this parable to relay an urgent message.  Jesus’ followers needed a different perspective on the coming Kingdom and Jesus’ enemies needed to be warned.  His  followers must drop the earthbound and immediate expectation of Jesus going to Jerusalem in order to set up his new earthly reign.  Instead Jesus tells of the nobleman travelling to a distant country (i.e. much time will pass) and highlights the importance of each follower working for the furtherance of the Kingdom in the meantime… however long that might be.  The warning comes to His enemies… My Kingship is an unavoidable question.  The decision that one makes in regards to Jesus is no trivial matter….  It is, in fact, life or death.


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