February 16, 2020


Passage: Revelation 1:1-3, Revelation 1:9-20
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This Sunday’s message is the beginning of a new sermon series:  Revelation – Jesus, the Overcomer.  This letter is a real gift to God’s church to encourage us to persevere under opposition from God’s enemies.  John, the apostle, writes this letter as he is banished to a remote island, away from his family, church and all others.  John serves as an example for us as we prepare for our face to face encounter with Jesus.  He very likely could have avoided banishment and could have continued to lead the church at Ephesus if he would have balanced his praise between God and Caesar.  However, he was not willing to lower the temperature of his testimony to avoid the heat the world applies to those who serve the living God.  May we be faithful and uncompromised in our testimony as followers of Jesus today.


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