August 7, 2016


Passage: Luke 18:18-30
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We are continuing our Faithful Stewardship series based on the Gospel of Luke. In Luke 18 we have the account of a rich ruler coming to ask Jesus:  What must I do to inherit eternal life?  This man had everything going for him… wealth, youth, power, “right background”… yet sensed that there was more to life than what he was experiencing.  So he brought his question to Jesus, the new rabbi in town.  Jesus put his finger on this ruler’s point of need.  There was an obstacle that kept him from true life in God (his attachment to his wealth).  What is in our lives that has become an idol rising up and challenging our loyalty to God.  Can we name it?  As Jesus commands us to give it up, will I do so without hesitation or will I refuse?  The Hard Decision…


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