January 22, 2023


Passage: James 1:19-2:13
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In James 1:19-2:13, James discusses the importance of using “the Royal Law” to guide how we talk and interact with other people. 

Sermon Outline

The Law of Our Lord: James 1:19-2:13
The Law in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables 

James 1:19-21
Power of Anger
Qualities of Righteousness: “Quick to Listen, slow to speak, slow to anger”
Listening and Humility
Greek term logos, or “word,” also means __________ (Jesus and His teaching/James and his teachings).

James 1:22-27
James says to “listen to the word” and __________ (“do what it says”/“do what I say”).
Our actions should be __________ (intentional and meaningful/hollow and meaningless).

James 2:1-7
Favoritism in a Patron-Client Society

James 2:8-11
The “Royal Law” à “to love your neighbor as yourself”
We are not obligated to perform __________ (loving actions/sacrifices); we are obligated to perform __________ (loving actions/sacrifices).

James 2:12-13
Our speech and action __________ (should/should not) be framed by each commandment in the Royal Law.
Qualities of Righteousness: “Quick to mercy and slow to judge”

Qualities of Righteousness: (1) “Quick to listen,” (2) “slow to speak,” (3) “slow to anger,” (4) quick to mercy, and (5) slow to judge.


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