November 7, 2021


Passage: Matthew 19:1-12
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We continue the sermon series, Matthew: Treasure from things new and things old. Some see in Matthew “5 books” that follow the same pattern as the “5 books of Moses.” This is most clearly seen in the 5 red letter sections or the 5 significant blocks of teaching.

  1. Chapters 5-7, the sermon on the mount
  2. Chapter 10 instructions for the twelve
  3. Chapter 13 parables of the Kingdom
  4. Chapters 18-20 Upside downness of the Kingdom
  5. Chapters 23-25 Critique and last words to the twelve

In chapter 18, Jesus in His upside down way teaches on preserving unity in the church. In our focus passage for this Sunday Jesus shifts the focus to preserving unity in the home. May we have the grace to live true to our marriage covenants as God faithfully keeps His covenant with us.


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