June 24, 2018


Passage: Daniel 10:10-19
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We are concluding the series: Daniel – This is my Father’s world.  This has been a fruitful study of a very unique book.  It gives us our best look into the Exile part of Israel’s Old Testament story.  Also it shows our God as the One who reveals.  This last half of Daniel is full of visions revealing the future letting God’s people know that they are not forgotten.  Today we have the same question Daniel had…  What do these visions mean?  Even after Gabriel’s explanations Daniel did not understand and asked again, “My lord, what will the outcome of all this be?” (Daniel 12:8)  Daniel is simply told to “go on your way till the end…”  We live with many unanswered questions too and we also must “go on our way.”  Meaning, we don’t wait to live our life of faith until faithful living is “possible” or makes sense.  Daniel’s whole life was taken up with the exile.  Yet he lived hopeful and obedient to God even as sin and oppression abounded.


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