November 19, 2017


Passage: Acts 4:1-26
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We are continuing the series, Our Story – A Look Back and Ahead.  These 4 sermons will unpack the statement:  What matters is knowing Jesus, following Jesus day to day, in a Jesus-centered community, sharing His love with all.  This message is the last in this series and will focus on “sharing the love of Jesus with all.”  Even though we have a fairly extensive record of this conversation at Jacob’s well much more was likely said that was not recorded.  Jesus and the Samaritan woman shared in water and conversation.  It is often difficult to take the time to share life with others and even more so if we have to reach across the kinds of cultural barriers that separated Jesus from this woman.  Jesus was not hindered by those dividing walls and shared openly about who he was.  “I who speak to you am he (the Messiah.)”  May we be as clear about who Jesus is as we share with others.  Some may think this would be arrogant and insensitive to other cultures.  But there is no clearer way to share God’s love with all.


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